Feb 19

About Us

To bring all its business segments; engineering, consultancy and construction together under the same roof, SDS Limited Company was established in 2002.

Since its foundation, SDS Limited Company carries its activities on two main fields.

Our first field is; providing engineering and consultancy services to rent the necessary public lands (forests, national estate, pasture etc.) and to get all the necessary permissions from the relevant state institutions and organizations, in a various segments, particularly in telecommunication, energy and mining areas.

Our second field is the construction services. SDS Limited Company, certified from Energy Market Regulatory Authority, has put natural gas distribution network constructions into service in many cities.

In our main office in Ankara and liaison offices throughout Turkey, we, SDS Limited Company, have been carrying our activities with our professional crew since 2002.

SDS Limited Company owes its success to its dynamic and expert team employed throughout Turkey, being proper to the regulations and legislation; and also its established trust and good relations with central and rural organizations of the state institutions, as a result of being in the sector for many years. 

Our vision is; to make the "leading firm perception" sustainable; while our mission is; when we follow the technological developments and rules and legislation, providing all our products and services that have maximum quality with optimum time and cost.





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